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What does QRF stand for?

'QRF' is a military term that stands for Quick Reaction Force. A QRF team is ready to deploy and engage any mission at any moment   

QRF Staffing and Consulting is Veteran owned, 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency.  Operating as a information hub, QRF provides directed resources to aid with the transition from active duty service to the civilian life for Veterans and First Responders; which include law enforcement, fire fighters, paramedics, and 911 dispatchers. QRF facilitates job training, career transition assistance, and career placement. In an effort to assist full-circle, we act as a staffing agency, matching our clients with the perfect employers.  Our vetting process is also key for employers looking for qualified applicants. 

Our Mission

To provide the best service possible for Veterans and First Responders during their career transition and place the best suited candidate in the perfect career path for employers.

The transition from the high-stress mentality of the military and the First Responder field to the civilian life can be stressful and lead to overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression.  Everyday 22 Veterans commit suicide.

Once that right hand was raised and the oath to serve was sworn, our Veterans and First Responders have been trained to help others, but there are limited resources inviting them to ask for help in return.  At QRF, we want to show help is readily available so those overwhelming feelings do not turn into self-destructive behaviors.

QRF’s goal is to provide an outlet to allow Veterans and First Responders to help control their memories, not their memories control them.

"We will always place the mission first. We will never accept defeat. We will never quit. We will never leave a fallen comrade." 

How We Are Different


Veterans and First Responders receive minimal assistance with the transition back into the civilian workforce. Conversely, many employers face the struggle of finding qualified applicants in the traditional talent pool.

We are different than any other organization in the nation because we are all inclusive. Veterans and First Responders do not have to worry about "checking all the boxes" in order to receive help. 

Whenever we can provide assistance to those who truly need it, we will!

Donations are needed to obtain a facility, overhead for daily operations, and equipment to assist our clients, at no charge to them.  

Any help is very much appreciated! 

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Support Our Transitioning Heroes

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and continue to assist our clients at no cost to them. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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